The story behind the storyteller

Chintan Girish Modi
Geeta Ramanujam’s new book, Tales from the World, is an excellent resource. In this book, she has compiled stories from different countries across the world . Here is an interview with the author.

Difference need not be disruptive

Usha Raman
The ‘hijab row” is now an issue that the nation is caught up with. How does the ban on the hijab make students better learners or more focused on their education? When we talk of inclusion, should we not be providing flexible and open spaces so that there is room for dialogue, so that children will stay in school and not drop out of studies altogether?

To Snap or not

Neerja Singh
The ongoing digital transformation has affected people’s lives in many ways – screen time, social interaction, virtual reality etc. The newest entry into India is the photo-messaging app, Snapchat, that has become popular with the teens, tweens and even adults. How are these apps being used and understood? Do the cons outweigh the pros?

Back to the classroom: what needs to change?

Neha Pradhan Arora
In the last two years our notion of the classroom has changed. There has been a considerable loss of teaching and learning time and there is likely to be a long term impact on learners’ educational outcomes. However, with some schools opening up and others adopting various models of online or hybrid teaching, it is critical for educators to build and gauge their readiness to adapt to physical classrooms again. Moving away from the current text-based learning to an activity-based curriculum can be a first step.

English proficiency is not a measure of intelligence

Anuradha C
Is an individual’s proficiency in English a yardstick of his/her intelligence? By giving more importance to the language used, students from the rural areas lose a chance to showcase their own worth and this puts a dampener on their self-esteem. How can educators ensure that English is given only the right amount of importance – neither less nor more?

NEP 2020 and learning outcomes

Anjali Sharma
While several surveys in the country indicate that there is a severe learning crisis with elementary school children lacking even the basic foundational literacy and numeracy skills, the NEP 2020 does little to address the real problem that lies at the heart of this crisis. So, what are the pathways listed by the NEP to find a solution and do they require a serious rethink?

Bridges across the City of Joy

Devika Nadig
Coaching teachers on 21st century skills as outlined by the World Economic Forum in a city that is known for its unique culture and combining a professional assignment with short trips to places of retreats, one can only sigh Oh! Calcutta! This edulogue takes readers on a visit to the City of Joy.