With a prayer in my heart

Srabani Bhattacharya
Even as she has finally learnt how to work from home and for the home, Srabani eagerly looks forward to the return of the pre COVID times when she can separate her two worlds – home and school.

Ready for new beginnings?

Viral Vimal Shah
Viral Shah was a reluctant online teacher, but her willingness to learn and her ability to adapt quickly saw her turning into an enthusiastic one.

Finding happiness and hope

Kavitha Madhuri Reddy
When COVID-19 struck, Kavitha like many of us learnt that change is difficult especially when we are forced into it, but she soon realized that when we accept it we find the strength to make new beginnings.

Life paths and life lessons

Fiona Vaz
As teachers we have the power to influence young minds. How much of a change do we actually bring in the lives of our young students? Are we able to make progressive changes in their lives? Fiona looks back at her influence in some of her students’ lives.


Manvi Singh
In our long or short teaching careers, we surely have come across a student(s) whose journey has inspired and amazed us. Manvi shares the remarkable story of one such student.

Waiting for that change!

Aagam Jain
Since 2020 everyone’s world has turned topsy-turvy. Daily routines have undergone major changes. Aagam shares his new daily routine even as he wonders whether he will be able to go back to his old routine.

My most memorable years

Pranav Pai
When Pranav left behind his friends and school in Bengaluru and moved to Hyderabad, little did he expect that his new school would become so dear to him.

Braver, stronger, wiser

Sudeeksha Y
A good school lays a strong foundation. Sudheeksha’s journey through her school turned her from a nieve child into a confident young woman.

Making the best use of time

Trisha Yachamaneni
We are not living in the best of times today and yet every cloud has a silver lining. COVID has turned the world upside down, but like Trisha discovered it has given us the time to learn about ourselves and find new meanings in life.

Getting ready for every day

Aanya Pande
Getting ready for online school is not the same as getting ready for physical school. Aanya follows a new routine now. What about you?