How my educational ideas developed

S Sundaram
Sundaram started out in the corporate world but soon realized that he belonged to the educational. In his years as a school leader, Sundaram successfully experimented with ideas that he came to develop from experience and readings.


Yasmin Jayathirtha
What do the years you spend in a particular profession teach you? Yasmin looks back at the many years she spent teaching in a school and finds that life is constantly changing around you if only you stop and take notice.

The accidental teacher

S Upendran
Teaching was not his first choice, but when he did become a teacher, Upendran excelled at his job. Infusing his classes with humour, Upendran realized teaching was after all his true calling.

Child as author

Radhika Chapparia
Radhika became a teacher just as COVID-19 began to spread its tentacles. With little physical interaction with children so far, Radhika from her discussions with a more experienced language teacher, imagines how one can teach children to read and write.

A kind of chemistry

Alisha Andrades
From a child who was impressed with what a teacher could do in a student’s life to becoming a teacher herself, Alisha shares her journey so far in the field of education.

A student by heart

Natasha Punnoose
Even as a student, Natasha found teaching a gratifying experience, and therefore when it was time for her to step into the professional world, she did not think twice before becoming a teacher.

A fresh start?

Vaijayanti Bose
After retiring from school and serving it for another 10 years, Vaijayanti found herself at sea when COVID struck and her school did not renew her contract. However, her never say die attitude helped her reinvent herself as a life coach and blogger.

A journey that goes on

Sreemati Ghosh
After 38 eventful years of working in a school, Sreemathi thought she was ready to hang up her boots. However, after she retired, Sreemathi realized that for her there is fulfillment in life only when she is doing what she is good at – teaching and working with children.

Making meaning of it all

Jane Sahi
The transformation of Jane’s playgroup into Sita School was a natural one. The school served the community and its children very well until modernization came and the gap between what parents wanted and the school was willing to give started widening. RTE was the last nail in the coffin. Although Sita school closed down, Jane continues to put her resources to good use.

Pandemic panorama: a day in my life

Madhurya Bandyopadhyay
Things are so uncertain these days that you are not even sure of whether the alarm clock you set will wake you up at the right time. In these uncertain times, Madhurya has found that it is one’s utmost faith and belief in oneself and the supreme power that keeps one going.