How my educational ideas developed

S Sundaram
Sundaram started out in the corporate world but soon realized that he belonged to the educational. In his years as a school leader, Sundaram successfully experimented with ideas that he came to develop from experience and readings.

A letter to fellow educators

G Gautama
In a day and age where automation in every sector is being celebrated, a teacher writes a passionate letter saying why human teachers will always be more valuable.

Making memories, celebrating life

Usha Raman
This Teacher’s Day we decided to take a look at the beginnings and endings and all there is in between. We bring you memories and stories that teachers and students have shared with us of how felt that first day entering a classroom, the first time they went to school, the day someone passed out, the day a teacher retired. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Happy Teacher’s Day.


Yasmin Jayathirtha
What do the years you spend in a particular profession teach you? Yasmin looks back at the many years she spent teaching in a school and finds that life is constantly changing around you if only you stop and take notice.

The school principal who wrote a novel

Chintan Girish Modi
Not everyone has the courage to pursue what they love. But there are also those who dare to take the plunge. Zarin Virji is a school principal but at the age of 53, she decided that she could no longer suppress her desire to write for children.

Zing thing: ways of a teacher

Latha Vaidyanathan
In the 21st century, a teacher is no longer someone with sole authority whose duty it is to impart knowledge. What then is the role of the new-age teacher? How can she play this role?

Learning from life

Varun Gupta
Learning and understanding become easy when we relate what we have to learn with life.

The accidental teacher

S Upendran
Teaching was not his first choice, but when he did become a teacher, Upendran excelled at his job. Infusing his classes with humour, Upendran realized teaching was after all his true calling.

Child as author

Radhika Chapparia
Radhika became a teacher just as COVID-19 began to spread its tentacles. With little physical interaction with children so far, Radhika from her discussions with a more experienced language teacher, imagines how one can teach children to read and write.

A kind of chemistry

Alisha Andrades
From a child who was impressed with what a teacher could do in a student’s life to becoming a teacher herself, Alisha shares her journey so far in the field of education.