Flexibility is key

Sujata Noronha
How did the library community face the pandemic especially when there was an urgent need to transition to the online mode? While it was easy for some, for others it was challenging. So, when the library practice stopped temporarily, the only way out seemed to be to remain flexible. Shared here in this article are some pointers as to how to adopt flexibility.

A living library

Yogesh Kawadkar
This is a wonderful account from the diary of a library educator who managed to engage children from the rural areas to read and the children’s own enthusiasm to beat the lockdown and help other children as well.

A hope for renewal

Jennifer Thomas
Most schools do not invest in and nurture library spaces despite the promises that libraries hold because there are no strong policy documents. There is an urgent need now more than ever to have a national policy on libraries and a subsequent mission on school libraries.

My library, my world

Nivedita Bedadur and S.L. Faizal
This is an interview with a library educator from Kerala who is rapidly transforming the way we think of the school library and its role in the community.

Schoolbooks Archive

Reshmi Mitra and Varadarajan Narayanan
Schoolbooks offer important insights on a large number of aspects of our social existence. However, there are no repositories to maintain and preserve them. The Azim Premji University has now launched an open access online repository that offers a wide- ranging collection of printed teaching and learning materials developed and used in India and the sub-continent.

‘Blending’ learning

Bindu Subramaniam
Today we are still in the midst of a global pandemic but we are also ready to slowly start living our lives. Schools across the country have slowly started to reopen, testing the waters. But we are not yet ready to return to the pre-COVID times. In this situation blended learning is the best way forward.

Making health a habit

Usha Raman
Health and hygiene have never been so in the limelight as in these past 20 months. While our “new found knowledge” about keeping ourselves and our environments clean and healthy is not really new, it is time that we actually start putting into practice what we know and create environments that not only educate but also promote wellbeing.

Paper-start reading – a joyful experience

Nabanita Deshmukh
Getting children into the habit of reading and helping them sustain it is an extremely difficult task these days. The benefits of reading are immense and that is why we share with you a few simple games to help you and your children get started on the reading path.

The plus and minus of fractions

Suma Vivekanandan
There are many concepts of study where the scope for confusion is large. One such is fractions in mathematics. A teacher shares how she taught her students addition and subtraction of fractions in a simple manner, leaving no room for confusion.

The power of read-aloud

Yasin Khan
Reading aloud is an art that people working with children need to learn and learn well. Not only does it help develop the reading habit in children, but it also facilitates the overall wellbeing of the child even while improving their cognitive skills.