Waste management: It just takes a bit of will – and vision

Shipra Agarwal
Waste disposal and its management have become a humungous problem that cannot be ignored by anyone anymore. While some of us are still processing this fact, many schools across the country have got into action to tackle this problem. Children in these schools are doing such wonderful work with waste that they are changing the definition of what waste is.

Integrating art with language

Gita Krishnan
Most children are naturally drawn to some art form or the other. Some like to dance, some sing, some are constantly drumming their fingers, some like to draw and paint. Let us leave behind the old idea that art is only for pleasure. Art can become a wonderful teaching medium, if we care to use it properly. Here are a few tips on how you can use different art forms to teach the English language.

A visit to the sacred city

Devika Nadig
Those who travel to teach and train are never short of experiences, which are both entertaining and educating. Teacher Plus brings its readers a new series based on a teacher educator’s work related travels.

My learnings as a teacher

Sweety Rastogi
A teacher now for many years, Sweety shares what she has learnt over all these years.

Corona conversations

Krittika Hazra
A primary teacher, struggling with online classes, finds some timely help in the form of a worksheet published in Teacher Plus. She shares her experiences.

Engage to eliminate ennui

S Bhuvaneshwari
Repetition is boring but it is also important for learning to happen. As teachers, therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that repetitive tasks are made fun for the students.

When – and how – things fall into place

Usha Raman
Deadlines may be a motivational factor for some, for others, it only instills a sense of fear – of not being able to work on a given task. The end result is delay and at a huge cost. So, how can procrastination be turned into a positive issue? When we establish rules for our children, it makes sense that we do not disregard those rules ourselves if we have to help our children. A bit of discipline and a gentle nudge is all that may be needed to tackle this problem.

Sprouting kindness in classrooms

Nabanita Deshmukh
Should children be taught to be kind? The school environment can be stressful, and children often find themselves being teased or ignored. How can they learn to be empathetic and compassionate to their peers, siblings, parents and teachers? Lessons on kindness can have a great impact on children’s well- being and the way they perceive the world. Here are some creative exercises that can put the smile back on a child’s face.

Introducing Anne Frank to young readers

Amrita Patwardhan
Here is an illustrative biography on Anne Frank that brings her story to life in a way that is easily understood by children. War and death are tough topics for children, and this is made comprehensible in this book. A must for school libraries.