What do marks tell about students?

Radhika Chaturvedi
No matter the way we teach, ultimately everything in all educational spaces culminates in exams. Are we going about teaching children to learn the right way?

Bringing science home

N Sai Prashanthi
Science is a practical subject. How then do we adapt it to the online mode? Here’s how a teacher thought up experiments that children could do at home with easily available ingredients to learn scientific concepts.

Up close and far away

Usha Raman
Educational technology is more than just online classroom Instruction. It is also about school structure, digitization, organization etc. It can provide solutions for the entire system too, if educators choose to take it on. But there is the other side in all this celebration of technology. We need to care for what is in the present and the immediate and learn from our surroundings.

Making edtech an ally

Anand Krishnaswamy
How can edtech help schools get better? A common misconception among schools is to think that edtech companies focus only on the tutoring aspect. But there are several other ways in which edtech companies stay relevant. From better content delivery to analytics to user experience to feedback from students. This, however does not take away the value of a teacher. But it does show that the system is responsive and designed for them. Therefore it rests on educators to seek newer ways to improve and learn.

From the fearsome belly of the earth

Volcanoes can be dangerous and majestic too. What causes volcanoes to form, erupt or even stay dormant for years? This month’s project takes a close look at volcanoes and outlines activities that teachers can use to help children in middle and high school to learn about them.

The freedom vs. equality conundrum

Prakash Iyer
How can we learn to care for others and value our freedom at the same time? When we care for others, it means that we need to treat them as equals and give them things that we may have more. It also means that when we have more than we need, it is our duty to realize that whatever we own has other people’s contribution to it too. A conversation on freedom and equality.

Riding the tide of edtech

Shruti Singhal
Edtech has impacted teaching and learning in a big way. But is it here to stay? Will the educational structure change in the years to come? Will it become more individualistic with children choosing to learn just for a few hours and then spend their time doing what they like? While it may be too early to predict, there is no doubt that learning is a constant process. Teachers may have to accept that despite their rich experience, one has to evolve with changing times.