In the lap of nature

Chintan Girish Modi
As a teacher, does the environmental studies curriculum in your school excite you? Is it built around nurturing a bond with trees, animals and birds? Are you willing to take your students outdoors to explore nature? Here is a book that might interest you and revitalize your spirit.

The practice of critical pedagogy

Nivedita Vijay Bedadur
Critical pedagogy is a curriculum where children examine social inequities and injustices. How can teachers begin a discourse around it in the classroom? This article looks at a few ways in which a teacher can practice this with her students.

To be or not to be

Nidhi Gaur
In today’s times, most of us are plagued by the dilemma of having to make choices in our lives. What we decide helps us on the path of self- realization and discover our true selves. Gandhi’s concept of Nai Talim helps facilitate this reflective ability in children. It initiates an individual’s journey to self-exploration and reflection. The author recounts an example from a Nai Talim school.

Digital tools to create music

Ullas Ponnadi
Can technology enable the creation of perfect music? What are the tools that musicians and composers can use? This article looks at how the process of music creation has evolved, so much so that there is now software that can create music all on its own.

Make way for integrated learning

Anuradha C
Engaging in a single academic discipline is now passe. With the NEP 2020 recognising the fact that an integrated or multidisciplinary learning approach will help hone students’ skills, it is time for parents and teachers to ensure that their wards do not stick to just one subject and instead try and widen their options so that they develop a holistic education.

Keeping children engaged

Geeta Gujral
Here’s how teachers can make a difference by planning a class from the learner’s point of view.

Imagining the possibilities…

This article looks at how an arts-based approach can help special needs children overcome their limitations and experience joy in whatever they do. The possibilities are endless.

The Hacker University

Neerja Singh
Cyber security and seamless protection have become critical in an era of work from home where everyone is distanced. The pressure points are too many. This article talks about the Hacker University which sells cybercrime courses designed to hack for profit and commit fraud. So how can one stay vigilant?

Jewel in the Crown

Devika Nadig
In this month’s column, the author shares her tryst with the ancient city of Varanasi, and the visual treat of a resplendent Ganga Aarti. She also talks about the how Shikshangan’s Change Management module caught the attention of all the school heads from around Varanasi.

An endangered species?

Shubangi Rajput
Teaching is fast losing even the little respect that it had. Why is this so? A teacher presents her views.