A hypocrite

Trisha Chakraborty
Isn’t the adult community a hypocritical one? We want our children to grow up with all the right values but don’t want to practice them ourselves. Children grow up observing and learning from adults, how then do we except them to do right simply by giving them moral value lessons?

An anti-bullying strategy

Dahunlyne Shylla, Kavita V. Jangam, Preeti Jacob
Bullying is a widely prevalent problem in schools and yet there are no robust solutions in place to tackle it. The first step towards handling bullying is for schools to acknowledge its existence and then work as a unit to find comprehensive, holistic and inclusive solutions.

Democracy in the Indian Constitution

Prakash Iyer
Civics is a very important subject in school because it is supposed to teach us our rights and responsibilities in a democratic society. But does it really do its job? While we learn the concepts of democracy, liberty, rights and duties, we do not learn how to apply these in our everyday lives, we do not really learn how to become good citizens. It is high time therefore to change the social studies curriculum.

When students become autonomous learners

Neeraja Raghavan
If you are a teacher who wants to understand student-centered learning, or a teacher who wants to motivate her students to take ownership of their learning and enjoy and understand what they are learning and why, this is a research paper you must read.

Give me a date

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Numbers are fun, magical and entertaining. When children are shown this side of math, they will learn the subject more willingly. Why not then dedicate one math class to this fun game of finding out which day of the week you were born just from your birth date?

The not-so-random story

Amit Dhakulkar and Ravi Sinha
Random numbers are necessary to explain several natural phenomena and fundamental to many theories in science, but they are often considered boring because of their abstract nature and the way they are taught. Try Turtle Blocks, a free and open source visual programming language, to make learning random numbers fun and engaging.

The Witch Renaissance

Neerja Singh
The pandemic, climate disasters, political instability, economic breakdowns, nothing seems right with the world. As the older generation, we seem to be offering little or no hope or inspiration to those younger than us. These are overwhelming times to be young adults, who are seeking refuge and comfort in the unseen and unknown. Let us be aware of what our teens are up to.

A tale of two Maitreyas

Devika Nadig
After an exhausting week of training teachers from two schools on thinking skills, debating and discussing Krishnamurti and walking in the steps of the Buddha, Devika and Vijay decide to soak in the sights, sounds and handicrafts that Uttar Pradesh has to offer.

Learning from a master: The art of S. H. Raza

Chintan Girish Modi
Students and teachers of art are very luck today. Unlike earlier, they have many resources at their disposal to explore and learn from, especially easier access to works of Indian artists. A book on the life and works of S H Raza, something art teachers will find extremely useful.