Euthenics to human ecology

Kavita Anand
Home science was first termed as ‘Euthenics’ by an American woman Ellen Swallow Richards, with the meaning ‘the science of better living’. Last year the syllabus/term was changed to ‘human ecology’. How has this journey of home science been? Our guest editor, Kavita Anand, puts it all together in an interesting way for readers to decide whether it is an outdated idea, or if it needs to be replaced by a more challenging life skills curriculum for all students.

A miscellany of life and living, and much more…

Shagufa Kapadia
Home science has been at the centre of much debate and discussion due to its nomenclature. The name confined its understanding to the image of ‘woman, home, and family’. Now it is known as Family and Community Sciences. If all the different fields of study are integrated, they tend to cover several aspects of our everyday lives from family, home, community and society. Shagufa Kapadia, in this article, illustrates a practice dimension known as ‘Field work’.