Economics of the home and hearth

Saibal Basu
How can an individual’s activity that happens within the domain of a household be considered productive in order to record its value in the overall economic process? This article makes a case to recognize the household as a site of value addition and that ‘production’ and ‘reproduction’ in the economic process are legitimate parts of a dual system theory within a unitary framework.

Observing the observer

Rachana Bhangaokar and Sara Bubber
Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) is a sub category of the home science course at the university level. So what is it exactly about? It is the study of the human life span. Here, in a conversational piece, with J. Krishnamurti as a companion, two teachers explore the possibilities of what it means to express oneself as human at different points in life.

Catching them young

Seetha Anand Vaidyam
The science of managing a home is all about how it benefits all the members of the family and brings maximum well-being to everyone. So where do children come in this scheme of things?This article shares some tips of how children at the kindergarten stage can be engaged in common day-to-day tasks thereby making them independent.

Fascinating facts about finance

Suparna Roy
A home can be the best place to start learning about the value of money. Terms like inventory control, expenditure budget, financial plan, may sound complicated or technical, but one can see that all these functions are performed in a microscopic way in every home. This article gets into the nitty-gritty of finance and explains the importance of money.

Cornerstones of life

Reena Kurien
The school curriculum may not give due importance to home science as a subject but the impact of the principles learnt in everyday life is immense. From meal planning and nutrition to budgeting, these life skills empower individuals and bring balance to their understanding of the world they live in and interact with. Here are some practical-oriented assignments that students of a leading school did during the pandemic.

Enabling social change

Sarita Anand and Sunaina Batra
Development Communication and Extension is a sub-field in home science which empowers students to respond positively to development campaigns, interventions dealing with nutrition needs and health and even environment conservation. The authors list out strategies that teachers can use in their everyday classroom teaching.

Situating the subject in the learner’s reality

Urvi Gupta
The identity of this expansive subject of home science being reduced to rudimentary training in the affairs of the household cannot be farther from the truth. Through a series of conversations with current and past students of home science and the impact it has had on their life, this article attempts to dissect the nuances of the curriculum.