Home science or self-reliance?

Neha Pradhan Arora
This article analyses why certain skills are needed in today’s world. Some of the questions listed in the article include: What do self and home management mean today? What skills are critical and hence need to be learnt by young people? What should these skills be called and taught as?

The many meanings of home

Chintan Girish Modi
This article explores how children’s lives are shaped by their experiences of home. It is based on children’s books that feature protagonists in homes that are different from each other, each with its own set of joys and challenges.

Diet in everyday life

Aruna Mallya
The importance of a balanced diet cannot be emphasized enough. A healthy lifestyle can be attained by maintaining a balanced diet. But what exactly is a balanced diet? And how can we ensure that the food that we eat has the right amount of nutrients and calories? What is the role of exercise in all this? This article gives some in- depth answers to all these questions.

An educator’s tryst with health and nutrition

Neha Chheda
Is there any organized method to cook or perhaps even a right way? Which is better—boiling or steaming? What happens when you boil? Does it take away all the nutrients? How can one retain the nutrients while steaming? An educator traces her journey and hopes her experience will help others to follow a healthy path.

Professionally qualified to run a home!

Anuradha C
Does a degree in home science make a difference to a woman’s ability to handle her home and community affairs? The answer is a big Yes. This may sound patriarchal, but the reality is that home science has been a well- received qualification for decades. This article lists out some colleges where the courses are immensely popular.

Where everything is aligned

Sandhya Kaura
How can home science teachers make their classes more interesting? Can students be given hands-on projects that will expand their knowledgebase? The author suggests a few examples in this article.

Building connections

Nita Luthria Row
Did you know that hospitality and guest management is a key driver in the home science course? That it gives a student who wishes to enter the hospitality industry a leg up in a career? Every profession requires commitment, perseverance and motivation and the hospitality industry teaches one to value good relationships. A teacher writes about her experience.

An ode to home

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
The home is a place where you can do anything you like and you can bewhat you are like. It is like discovering yourself and exploring and enjoying yourself. Read up this conversation between a fly and a mosquito inspired by a poem.

Fitness – the key to a productive and healthy life

Kamal Singh
Can one go through life if one is not fit enough? Fitness is the ability to meet the demands and vicissitudes of daily life with ease and with extra energy for unexpected situations. Doing a little everyday adds to a lot in the long run. Here are a few fitness tips that all could do well to follow.