Post-coronavirus times, education and the Ship of Theseus

Rammohan Khanapurkar
In the education space, what will be the ‘new normal’? Can there be a more humane curriculum? The coronavirus did not give a fig to human-made nation-state boundaries. Education can build upon this newfound solidarity, community sharing and global unity. Can this lead in some ways and encourage youngsters to not see different communities as ‘us’ versus ‘them’?

Things change

Kamakshi Balasubramanian
Schooled entirely at home and in a rural haven without any disruption to their lives because of the pandemic, two children decide to demonstrate what they had learnt – question custom and habit, question authority. In short, during extraordinary times, did the children want a new kind of schooling?

A learn-force raring to do

Ratnesh Mathur and Aditi Mathur
Can Covid 19 change education forever? Did children suffer any loss of learning during the lockdown? On the contrary, things were never so good. The pandemic can actually be viewed as a huge opportunity to empower learners. This article goes all out to share some wonderful ideas.

Tenth Grade, 2025: Just another day

Mehak Siddiqui
This is a futuristic fiction piece, set a couple of years from now. It is told from a student’s point of view and gives an insight into how the school system has changed since the pandemic and why. It has a bit of humor and science fiction.

Paidos. Agogos. Educatum.

Sharoon Sunny
What can happen if a student, bored about his online classes, decides to recreate his class combining math, science and English? The result – he kick-starts a new type of learning initiative among his peers – hands-on projects. Read on for this fascinating insight into post-Covid times.