Libraries that live and breathe

Ria Banerjee
How can children be made to engage with books and reading? What kind of books do children like to read? Is there a process to the selection and collection of books? The author describes her journey of engagement with children and what she learnt.

Lesson plans: no magic formulae!

Neeru Gill
A lesson plan is a teacher’s road map on what students need to learn during her class time. The article lists out some strategies to draw up an effective lesson plan.

Storytelling can outlive any pandemic

Sanjhee Gianchandani
Storytelling can be a wonderful medium to educate children about the pandemic and help them respond to it in a positive and productive way. Stories can entertain children, comfort them and also help them process their feelings.

Education that enriches life

Disha Jain
How can the contents of a course be made relevant to students? Can education foster students’ choice and voice? By seeking knowledge from our surroundings, can learning be made pertinent? Ultimately, all learning must have some utility value so that students understand the relevance of what they are learning.

DIY steps for the digital world

Anuradha C
In the new normal of online classes now, some teachers have been able to take that leap into the digital world, while some others are still taking baby steps and are bewildered by all the technology around them. This article has plenty of DIY tips that teachers can implement for themselves and make their online classes less of an ordeal.

Small school in COVID times… ‘to sit beside’ again…

G. Gautama
There is no question that Covid 19 has disrupted people’s lives. Educational approaches too, have changed. Students and teachers are confined to their homes with their gadgets. Learning may be happening, but there are questions – what happens to physical activity or interactions? There is a large population for whom school means many things – from friends to books and even midday meals. How is this group managing? Do other solutions exist?

Creating learning experiences – virtually

Neha Pradhan Arora
What can teachers hope to achieve with virtual classes? It is important to redefine the purpose of these virtual classrooms to help students experience connection, belongingness, safety and structure while helping them build resilience, create positive memories and be challenged for more effective learning, independently.

A safe space for learning

Sangeeta Zombade & Pallavi Raikar
In this article, educators at a multicultural and community school talk about the challenges they faced in changing gears to virtual learning without the necessary gadgets, how their explorations led them to make many mistakes and how they learnt along with the children.

A simple prayer

Amit Deshwal
Over the years, different educational approaches and systems have transformed the lives of children. In all of these, there is one common stream that runs through. And that is about how educators can truly love and care for all the children around them. This alone would suffice to make education relevant.

Imbibing the ‘never say die’ spirit from children

Anwar Hussain Rayma
Children are younger than us in terms of age but they end up teaching us many things. In these extremely difficult times of the corona virus, it is the never-say-die spirit of his students that helped this teacher change his outlook towards the situation.