Getting down to the micron

Meena Kharatmal and Nagarjuna G
Observing and measuring or even estimating a very small size as a micron has always been a challenging task for teachers. Here are some activities using simple conversion methods so that it helps to estimate in microns. It is essential that teachers get introduced to this idea as only then they can teach students.

Our journey with books

Nimesh Ved and Anshumalika Rai
This article talks about a two-year journey to connect children with books and to set a happy space in which books are a crucial element. Today the book room, as it is called, is vibrating with a positive energy where children can let their imagination fly.

How does practice change?

Neeraja Raghavan
How can a teacher turn reflective and transform her teaching practice? What are her underlying beliefs and can she change them? Or perhaps revisit them? While there is no prescription for a teacher to turn reflective, it is clear that this is a journey. And in this journey, the teacher can adopt a few practices that may help her reflect.

When hands-on learning became a habit

Varsha Singh
As a student, this teacher loved her geography class. Now, as a teacher, she carries forward her learning by taking care to make her classes interactive, while she plays the role of a facilitator. A brief narration in first person.

The invisible route to language

Vatsala Hegde
Language learning can go beyond textbooks. From poems and rhymes not found in the syllabus to planning short skits, vocabulary development can take place in myriad ways. A teacher shares some of her practices.

Individual vs collective learning

Anuradha C
With every activity in life shifting to a contactless mode due to the pandemic, is it time to reset the education button? The first visible signs are the mushrooming of online classes and webinars but can education really be delivered from a distance?

I want to be a teacher…

Shirisha Konduri
Can teaching become more of a profession by choice rather than by chance? While it is true that highly qualified candidates are entering the field of school teaching, the question still remains if it is by choice. This article lists a few reasons why youngsters should consider teaching.

Are we slacking on time?

Roopa Vinayak Ram
Time theft seems to be the new buzzword and a major challenge in schools. What constitutes time theft, and are teachers guilty of it? A look at how this problem can be solved.

What makes a school flourish?

Leena Satuluri
Does the architectural design of a school building play an important role in the life of a student/s? Are there certain parameters that need to be considered for a school building? Here is an interview with Prof. Dr. Minakshi Jain, currently the Director of School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada.

Sing, draw, play or invent

Hanza George, Anisha Malhotra-Dalvi, Adithi Muralidhar, Savita Ladage and Sugra Chunawala Active learning is an important concept in the field of education and is based on the involvement of learners in the learning process. It suggests that learners learn better Read More …