Who stole my playground?

Anuradha C
My return drive from work every evening includes a mandatory tour of Bengaluru’s famed IT district. While the posh high rises and gleaming tech parks might ‘wow’ a new migrant or tourist, it only elicits a groan of frustration from the regulars. Road after road of concrete monsters with hospitals, colleges, schools, malls all with identical glass facade!

Is the ball rolling in government schools?

Aditi Mutatkar and Hemanta Mahanta
Can we ensure quality output by making PE compulsory? In the government system, PE is near dysfunctional and the immediate need would be to look at PE as a learning opportunity, thereby thinking about having specific curricula, assessments and in- service teacher training models.

From the console to the playground

Aditya Deshbandhu
In this age of technology, e-sport is catching up and may soon be included as part of curricula in high schools and universities in the West. Against this context, it is important for educators to acknowledge the popularity of video games as a platform. This article explains the possibilities of students engaged with video games to seek physical activity as a consequence of their engagement.

Playing outside school spaces

Anirban Ghosh
Physical Education needs to be redefined from its present idea of regimented drills, marching and annual sports days. Children must have access to proper play spaces to engage in rigorous physical activity either through games, free play or any other sport. A look at how sports can be taken out of the confines of school spaces.

Re-imagining the role of play

Usha Raman
Physical education is often not seen as a subject and is something that is attended to on special occasions. This issue is an attempt to set right that perspective and explore the different ways in which schools might re-imagine the role of play and movement in education.