Making a difference, together

Ananya Upendran
Sports education in India is still quite informal, at least at the school level. Although every school has a physical education class in which children are allowed to run around and play as they please, more often than not, it’s an extended recess – there’s nothing organized about it.

Training for a champion mindset

Saisudha Sugavanam
I was involved with high performance sport for over ten years, first as a journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation covering sports and then as the Programme Director at GoSports Foundation, a leading Sports Not-for-Profit. During these years, I have had the opportunity to interact with elite athletes and their coaches and this gave me a unique peek into the fascinating ‘champion mindset’.

Be active, be happy

Sanjay Manjrekar
They may be doing well generally in life and in vocations of their choosing, but my children make me truly happy when they are physically active.

Lessons in team building from two movies

Subha Das Mollick
Bollywood churns up films on sports at regular intervals. Some films like Mary Kom, M.S Dhoni, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag are biopics, some are dramatized versions of newspaper reports while some project a hypothetical situation to make a point about bias and discrimination plaguing the sporting fraternity and by extrapolation, plaguing the country.

Ticket to a life with sports stars

Devika Kar
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” or to be politically correct, “…makes Jaya a dull girl.” I tend to agree with this adage when I see the growing obesity among urban children today.

They tried… and succeeded

J.S. Sudhir Markham
Children with special needs, particularly those with developmental disabilities, may have cognitive challenges in learning but you will be amazed that many students with autism and intellectual disability enjoy physical activities!

Who stole my playground?

Anuradha C
My return drive from work every evening includes a mandatory tour of Bengaluru’s famed IT district. While the posh high rises and gleaming tech parks might ‘wow’ a new migrant or tourist, it only elicits a groan of frustration from the regulars. Road after road of concrete monsters with hospitals, colleges, schools, malls all with identical glass facade!