Catch them young

Sandeep S. Shinde and Sushama N. Chougule
Regular physical activity either on the playfield or in an indoor hall is vital to developing the health and social bonding of children. Before conducting any class, the physical educator needs to plan the lesson according to the ability of the children. The fitness levels change according to the age, sex, activity levels of the class.

We shall overcome, someday

Sourina Bose
If you have already read the reports doing the rounds on all sports pages of national dailies, you must be expecting what I am going to discuss next – yes, the recently concluded Special Olympics World Games 2019 at Abu Dhabi where Indian athletes performed remarkably well. India won a total 368 medals at the Olympics, out of which the ‘special sportspersons’ have won 85 gold medals.

The right to be fit

Enakshi Rajvanshi
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1978 adopted the International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. For the first time, the practice of “physical education and sports” was established as a fundamental human right, and emphasized its importance in education, individual and community needs.

Taking the holistic view

Vaibhav Pandya
What approach shall we take for physical education? Should it be movement education or sports education or fitness education or a mix of these or something else? Each takes up one part of development or developmental need and some can only fit at different levels of the school curriculum.

Paanch minute aur!

Arnab Bhattacharjee
India’s Minister of State for Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Olympic medal winner Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore fondly remembered his childhood during the launch of the Khelo India programme. Addressing the nation on a social media platform, he said, “in our childhood when we used to play, that was the exact time when our parents would remind us of our homework.

Khel Khel mein

Devina Sarwatay
A recent UNICEF and Barça Foundation report, ‘Understanding the evidence for child-focused sport for development’, features beautiful pictures of children playing. There is happiness and enjoyment, determination and focus on the faces of these young people photographed in India and other places like Athens, Kenya, Congo, Laos, Paraguay, Barcelona, Ecuador, and Nepal.

Is the ball rolling in government schools?

Aditi Mutatkar and Hemanta Mahanta
Can we ensure quality output by making PE compulsory? In the government system, PE is near dysfunctional and the immediate need would be to look at PE as a learning opportunity, thereby thinking about having specific curricula, assessments and in- service teacher training models.