Health & PE can be a game changer in schools

Rishikesh B. S.
Health and Physical Education can become a game changer in schools if it is viewed as part of a comprehensive education model. Its inter-disciplinary nature provides many ideas on what can be done to integrate the theme into the regular curriculum. Its implementation can be made more robust and for this teachers need to be given the flexibility and autonomy to rejig the syllabus to suit their requirements.

The physically active mathematics classroom

Pooja Keshavan Singh
Maths as a subject always brings in adverse reactions. But there are ways in which a math classroom can be made physically active. Teachers need to just tweak their planning a bit and the biggest gain is the increased activity and improved agility of the teacher herself and of course the students. Here are some activities that teachers can try out.

Winning on the school playfields

Devika Kar
When a child is asked what he would like to change about his school, invariably the answer will be that he would like to have a huge playground. This kind of a response brings into sharp focus the need for open spaces and playgrounds for a child’s healthy development and growth. Five principals from different schools talk about integrating the physical with the intellectual and the need for open spaces.

Physics of Sports

P.K. Thiruvikraman
Sports is always viewed as taking up precious time that can be devoted to studies at least according to most parents. However, teachers and parents must realize that most subjects are inter-disciplinary in nature and there are several scientific principles that can be applied to sports as well. This article illustrates the applications of some principles of physics in various sports and games.

From the console to the playground

Aditya Deshbandhu
In this age of technology, e-sport is catching up and may soon be included as part of curricula in high schools and universities in the West. Against this context, it is important for educators to acknowledge the popularity of video games as a platform. This article explains the possibilities of students engaged with video games to seek physical activity as a consequence of their engagement.