Teaching the millennials

Ajitha Paladugu
Teaching the millennials today is a challenging task. With students having shorter attention spans and an unwillingness to engage in learning with conventional pedagogical styles, it is for the teachers to ensure that the teaching-learning process is a meaningful activity. A multidisciplinary approach will make the learning more enriching.

Learning to ‘see’

Arvind Dhondphale
Most of us know that there is a slight difference when we use the words, ‘see’ and ‘look.’ We can look at many things but it may not register in our minds. But when we ‘see’, we are able to perceive by the eye. It is a conscious action. Seeing can happen in various ways depending on the viewer’s perspective. Several classroom activities can be designed around ‘seeing’ which can improve children’s observation. This article outlines one such activity.

For all budding actors

Samantha Marsden
School plays and cultural programmes are events that students love to participate in. And when it comes to drama and acting, children are always at the forefront. Some of the acting techniques highlighted in the article help students with social skills, literacy, creativity, team work etc. Drama teachers will do well to try out these activities.

Learning the process of bonding

Yasmin Jayathirtha
Here are some experiments that students can do to illustrate atomic structure and bonding and also put them into a context.

What’s all the fuss about innovation in education?

N Mythili
There is a huge buzz around innovation with governments at state and national levels setting up innovation centres to identify, encourage and upscale innovations across the country. With schools also being encouraged to transform processes and systems to innovate, it is important to know what is really meant by innovation. Here are some pointers to encourage innovations in schools.

To preach or not to preach?

Chintan Girish Modi
What would sexuality education in schools look and feel like if it happens through aesthetic appreciation, character study, storytelling and open-ended discussion? The answer to this question would play out differently depending on the context of each school. Here is a report of an art exhibition that handled this subject with a sense of humour as well as sensitivity.

Budgeting a small school

Shweta Sharan In India, planning and managing a school’s budget becomes tricky, given that the business of running a school in the country is not legal. In other words, you cannot legally make a profit as a school-owner. The educational Read More …

A question of sustenance

Bipin Dhane Can community schools be sustainable? Before we discuss that, let’s examine what is meant by a community school. Community schools are budget private schools or affordable private schools as they are called in India, but one condition being Read More …