Question of the Week

B R Sitaram
If you thought every fourth year was a leap year or every year divisible by four was a leap year, you will be surprised to know that this is not always true. Find out the reason why to this and similar baffling questions in Question of the Week.

Feel the magic

Sharmila Govande
Learning is no longer confined within the boundaries of a school. In fact, many today believe learning best happens outside of school. The Learning Societies UnConference or LSUC is an event that firmly believes that if you wish to learn, the world and its experiences are your teachers. An unconference that was started in 2002, LSUC strives to take out the school from its participants and open them up to real learning.

Talking ‘failure’

Shivani Mathur Gaiha and Spandana Kommuri
You have a student you thought was good in his studies and behaviour. But, you soon find out that he cheats in his exams and fights with his classmates and sometimes even you! What do you do?

Move over bookworms, the ‘gadget-worms’ have arrived!

Anuradha C
E learning apps are being launched by the hour and some of the more popular ones even have top actors endorsing them. Digital learning is so ubiquitous now that you can no longer ignore it. But is digital learning as effective as traditional learning? Or does its interactive nature outdo traditional learning? Have you joined the debate yet?

Beyond business as usual

Eric Ling
Can you imagine 16 and 17 year-olds running an international business? As part of their business and management course, students from The School of Business & Entrepreneurship in Ohio not only successfully run Shya Designs but also undertake projects to help local businesses with their marketing exercises.

Not less than 90%

Ashwini Subodh Pathak
Marks are not everything, we all agree. And yet, when it comes to our children we don’t hide the fact that we want them to score the very best in their exams. But the world is changing, jobs are being offered based on skills and ability. Marks really aren’t everything.

Fairly unfair

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Cheating in exams is common among students and while schools preach against this practice, it still continues. This teacher found a simple yet brilliant way to tell his students to refrain from such practices.

The biology of equilibrium – 1

Vijayalakshmi Nandakumar
Biology is full of awe-inspiring events. How living organisms adapt themselves to suit their living conditions is one such. Ever wondered how the extremely saline sea water sustains life? How creatures live underwater? What kind of adaptations are necessary for organisms that live on land? Learn about homeostasis and how it works in different animals to help them survive in their habitats.

Why math matters

Sweety Rastogi
Once upon a time, the teacher would come to class, read from the book, fill up the board and leave. There was no talking between the teacher and the students. Today, children are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in the learning process. A teacher, therefore, should not only be an expert in her subject, but should also know how to present herself and handle challenging questions from the students.

The significance of classroom communication

Payal Bedi
Being able to express ourselves and be understood is a basic human necessity. It gains supreme significance in the classroom, as communication—between the teacher and the student, between students— is at the very core of learning. So how do you cultivate a communication culture in your classroom? How do you create a learning environment that will help students achieve their best?