Indian Constitutional debates: a timeless chronicle

Amruta Kulkarni
The Constitution of India has the distinction of being the longest constitution in the world. How was such a comprehensive constitution put together? What was the thinking behind the Articles in the Constitution? Listening to the debates between the members of the Constituent Assembly will help us understand and appreciate our Constitution better.

Why we need the rule of law

Vinita Singh
The rule of law is final and binding on all the citizens of India. Yet it is by the rules set by religion, community and class that we live our lives. It is important that we tell our children why the rule of law is enshrined in the Constitution and what it is meant to achieve. Then we can have a truly harmonious society.

How laws are made

Trina Roy
As active citizens in a democracy, is our role limited only to casting our vote? Certianly not. We have to monitor our representatives, track their performance and ensure that they are doing the job they were elected for. PRS Legislative Research is an exciting website that allows students to understand the functioning of the parliament and see how much their MPs and MLAs have contributed to it.