Love is all you need

Shree Singh Kuriyal

Teaching is one of the most difficult professions there is. And that is why we must celebrate every teacher who is putting his/her efforts into creating a wonderful world for children. Here we profile a teacher from Uttarkashi–Tashi Dolma.

Taking stock of schooling systems

Sushama Yermal

The Indian education system is in a terrible shape and unless we do something about it immediately we won’t be able to rescue our children’s future. This is by now common knowledge. But despite several attempts why aren’t we able to do anything? Here’s analyzing Lant Prichett’s, American educationist, book, Rebirth of Education, which not only identifies the problems with education systems in developing countries but also proposes possible solutions.

Reading the book of memory: teacher narratives

Neeraja Raghavan

Often as a teacher, if you sit back and think about it, you realize that knowingly or unknowingly you are emulating you own teachers–be it their good practices or mostly their bad. While the good practices are fine it is necessary that teachers reflect on their teaching methodologies and consciously work to remove any bad practices they maybe following.

The nature of knowledge

Kamakshi Balasubramanian

Exposing children to a variety of areas of study is all fine but perhaps it will help children absorb new knowledge better if they actually know how they learn what they learn.

For the early days…

Surekha Nayani

For all those who have newly joined the teaching profession and are unsure in your first days as a teacher, here are a few tips and suggestions to help you trot along on the journey.

Solute, solvent and solution – 2

Avneesh Shukla

What is a diluted solution? And what about a concentrated one? Is air a solution or a solvent? Students of a government school found answers to these questions with the help of a few experiments set up by the author.

The killer whale

Sana Mujawar

The Blue whale was one of the most destructive games that appeared on the Internet in 2017. The game led several young people to suicide. While the game developer seemed to have some perverted idea for developing this game, one wonders whether the game was the only reason for all those young adults committing suicide.

CBSE examination reforms: returning to the Stone Age?

Jagdeep Singh More

CBSE’s decision to make class 10 exams compulsory with immediate effect has been welcomed by some but has raised questions for many. This decision by the CBSE nullifies the all round efforts to implement CCE and brings back 19th century reforms that assess students only on the basis of their written exam. With the knowledge that different students learn differently quite common now, how intelligent is this move by the board?

A fairy tale re-told

Heera Nawaz

Fairy tales are all nice and wonderful to read but when little children ask you difficult questions about these tales you thought were quite harmless you have to stop and think about fairy tales in a whole new light.