“Moving” with numbers

Pavan RC

Kinesthetic math involves using the entire body to learn math and not just hands to write. It makes learning active. We have heard of people who hate math begin loving the subject after learning it with kinesthetic activities.

Building the right atmosphere

A child’s formal entry into learning has to be based on the foundations of love and warmth. As teachers and schools, it is our responsibility to provide them the right kind of learning atmosphere so the children can grow up into lovely human beings.

The power of estimation

Sandhya Singh

Estimation is an important area of study in primary school. It is a skill that comes to our aid all through our lives and that is why before you introduce formal measurements in class here are a few activities to help enhance your students’ estimation skills.

Why we teach the way we do: philosophically speaking

Simran Luthra
What is teaching philosophy? How important is it to have one? Does it change as a teacher grows in her profession? What influences a teacher’s teaching philosophy? We went searching for these answers to five teachers from very different streams of education.

The path to practice

Aditi Dhammachakra

Teachers are considered both the reason for and the solution to all the ills in the education system. What nobody looks at is the big role that society, apart from the teacher’s own experiences and influences, plays in shaping a teacher and her philosophy.

Teaching like learning matters

Prakash Iyer

Every teacher’s ultimate dream is to teach such that each student in her class understands what she is teaching. While this is a nearly impossible task, it is certainly possible to help most students learn if we (teachers) ourselves understand the learning process and build our teaching philosophy accordingly.

An invitation to wonder

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Curiosity and inquisitiveness are what lead to learning. Therefore let us give children the space and freedom to inquire, wonder and imagine. Let us not cramp their urge to learn by giving them answers off books.

Making science popular

Kishor Kulkarni

Science is best learned through active engagement with it. Here are some activities that you can try in your class to make the subject more lively and fun for your students.