Break free of institutions

Rahul Karanpuriya
Why do we institutionalize education, when it is against the very idea of learning? Learning happens through experiences you gain, and these experiences you gather as you travel. Education therefore cannot be separate from travel and cannot be found in institutions. The author shares his travel journey.

Of journeys long and short

Payal Adhikari
The word ‘travel’ conjures up images of a train, an aeroplane and places faraway. But does it always have to be that? Travel in and around your city is as enriching as travelling to distant lands. Local travel is less expensive as well. So why not bring out maps of your cities and take your students on short learning trips?

From picnic to excursion

Malini Siruguri
In school when you transition from going on one day picnics to week long excursions it is a most exciting event for the young students. Here’s an account of how the author’s first excursion to the Hooppya camp helped her grow up.