Understanding corporate schools

Ankita Rajasekharan
Teacher Plus talks to Asiya Shervani, Education Consultant, to try and understand what a corporate school means.

Institution or organization? Unraveling the structure of school

Simran Luthra

Corporate schools, entities that educationists love to hate. And yet every street corner in India houses a corporate school. What are these corporate schools? Why are they so in demand? With all their flaws maybe these schools doing something right to make them so popular? An attempt to demystify corporate schools.

Reading to teach

Nidhi Gaur
How can you teach children to read? Simple. By learning to read and enjoying reading yourself.

Care and the teacher

Sonali Sathaye
Is a caring teacher really an oxymoron? By expecting our teachers to discipline our children are we taking away the natural human instinct to care? Naturally caring for their students shouldn’t be an option that is given to teachers, it should be the norm.

What to show and why to tell

Pradita Nambiar
Show and tell is a popular teaching-learning technique in the primary classes for very obvious reasons. But there are several other important reasons, not so obvious, as to why show and tell should be used more often by the primary school teacher.

“…absent, miss!”

Absentiesm is a chronic problem, especially in rural schools whose students often have to decide between going to school and working to earn a living. Can we think of innovative solutions to help such students stay in school?

The experience of poetry

Urvashi Nangia
Poems are not meant to be taught but experienced. Dissecting a poem to arrive at its meaning only kills the beauty of the poem. Students have to be given the space and the freedom to interpret a poem for themselves.

EdTech to energize the classroom

Jaime Bell
Technology is making waves in the field of education everywhere. Why then has it not really taken off in India? What are the problems that we should consider in this country when building tech driven teachig tools? What kind of EdTech tools are available to us inspite of the many problems?

Nature education in schools: Where do we stand?

Nimesh Ved
Of late there has been a lot of noise about conserving and preserving nature. Meets and talks are held on improving nature education in schools. Amidst all this din are schools implementing nature education the way it should be? What are we doing to bring practical changes in nature education in schools?