A room full of surprises

Tim Hibsman
Do your students know how to give a good speech? What constitutes a good speech? How can the speaker engage the attention of the audience? Here is an interesting session on anecdotal learning, and you , as a teacher, can takeaway important lessons from this article.

Moving towards a world of open education

Michelle C
Is good quality education available to everyone equitably? Learning is continual and an ongoing process and knowledge has to be acquired but the path to open access and free knowledge is not entirely straight. Open Education believes in a world where everyone,

My rendezvous with FOSS

Samprati Gada On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I am set, thinking about my journey into the world of open source software and open educational resources…after viewing a video link sent by my friend. (https://vimeo.com/43401199) It was the period of the Read More …

Opening up the code

Neha Kulshrestha Most 21st century classrooms include a plethora of subjects such as mathematics, science, language, social sciences and computer science but now, what’s interesting to witness is the emerging discussion on the skills that will prepare the post-millennials for Read More …

The present is open to all

Suzanne Singh
In 2015, when Pratham Books launched Story Weaver, India’s first open source platform of multilingual children’s stories – a world open to parents, educators, publishers and most importantly, children, I penned an article titled, The Future is Open. Two years since, as I reflect on our work at Pratham Books, the multiple pieces of the big picture being drawn on an infinite canvas begin to come together.

Learning from and for life

Madhulika Sagaram
In the current age of information and innovation, a shift in lifestyle from tangible lived experience to intangible ideas

Is open education really open?

Sharmila Govande
For over 20 years, Manish Jain has been a crusader of the ‘unschooling movement”, a firm believer in free and natural learning,