The privilege of teaching

Sunanda Ali

Whether it is the traditional teacher or the maverick, both have the responsibility of building an environment conducive for learning and where children can grow not just academically but also morally and transform into well-rounded individuals.

Role of a teacher

G. Gautama

It is believed that a teacher has an important role in the growth of a child. Besides providing academic knowledge what exactly is that role? Should a teacher encourage competition or an egalitarian outlook? What should a teacher’s threshold level be? Should a teacher accept a child for who he is or persevere to raise the child’s confidence? Should a teacher only be noticed by her students’ success? Are there answers to these questions?

The keeper of values

Rama Devi

There is no doubt that teachers, especially good teachers are a necessity today. You need teachers who are dedicated, professional, ethical, innovative, team players and passionate about what they do.

A multifaceted personality

Sundaram S

A subject expert, pedagogy expert, friend, communicator, planner, documenter, counsellor, public relations officer–these are only some of the many roles that a teacher has to essay.