What makes a learner?

Sumana Kasturi

There is a lot of responsibility that we place on our teachers today and a lot of things that we expect them to be and do. So perhaps a simpler way of answering the question–what makes a teacher?–is to answer the question–what makes a learner? Here is a list of qualities a mother identifies for her children and students everywhere to have in order to be good learners.

The empathetic energiser

Geeta Gujral

A poem by a teacher from a student’s perspective, that talks about the importance of a teacher in a student’s life.

Teacher quality: measured on the happiness scale

Priya Mathur

One comes across several kinds of teachers in one’s life–the conventional, the experimental, the maverick, the nurturer. A good teacher has a little bit of all these different aspects.

Let’s cook up the perfect teacher!

Sudharani Uppala

Flexibility, communication, humour, compassion, imagination– a good teacher should possess all these qualities and should work with both her head and her heart in order to teacher the “whole” child.

Three questions for my child’s teacher

Anjana Nayar

Parents today want their child’s teacher to be observant, open-minded and accepting and be able to prepare children to live in an uncertain future.