For the health of humanity

Pritam Benjamin

In a highly volatile and disturbing world that we live in today, good teachers are those who are caring, who give children courage and hope to live in this world that we have destroyed and help them learn the importance of values such as peace, compassion and love.

Giving choice and voice

Rama Mathew

Putting the learner in the centre of the teaching-learning process, being a life-long learner herself and exhibiting humane qualities–these are what make a good teacher.

The beliefs that drive teaching

Padma M. Sarangapani

A teacher’s teaching methods largely stem from the beliefs that she holds about children, their abilities, learning, etc. Therefore during teacher preparation it is necessary to focus not only on what skills a prospective teacher should possess but also on learning what her belief system is and how it can be nurtured.

Rise of the thinking teacher

Pratiksha Chopra

Yes passion, dedication and innovation are all necessary but to translate these into a successful teaching career, the teacher must be reflective, must train her students to be reflective and willing to engage and converse with texts so that actual learning takes place.

Passion makes the difference

Rubina Majid

Effective teachers are those who are extremely hard working, dedicated and who help students grow both academically and personally.

Metaphors that make you

Shinjini Sanyal

Metaphors are not something that you learn in a grammar lesson and forget. Metaphors greatly influence the person we become, what we believe is our role in society, how we view the world and what responsibilities we have. A teacher too is largely shaped by the metaphor she associates herself with. Is she a parent, a nation builder, a bureaucratic employee, a gardener, or a friend?

Qualities that stay constant

Latika Gupta

There is no teacher without students. So while you need students for a person to be called a teacher, it is this person’s consistent efforts and strong belief in his students that make him a good teacher.

How does her garden grow?

Pragya Mathur Kumar

Good subject knowledge, interpersonal skills and personality are the basic necessities to becoming a good teacher.

Trust and patience open the way

Nidhi Gaur

Examples from Devi Prasad’s, highly acknowledged art teacher, life show us how patience, trust and acceptance of the student make a good and successful teacher.

Makers of the world

Mrinal Agarwal

Teachers are like magicians who transform innocent little children into confident citizens of the future. When one succeeds in life one has a lot to thank one’s teacher.