The culture of community building

For many years I have been connected to the Waldorf school movement in India. Rudolph Steiner, the inspiration behind Waldorf schools, speaks of education as a ‘social, cultural deed’. The expression of any culture is reflected in its art forms – music, speech and drama, the visual arts of painting, drawing and sculpture – these art forms serve to capture the essence of a culture – whether it is a legacy of religion history or the geographic aspects of life.

Building a better tomorrow

Gita Krenek
What is culture? Culture can mean many different things to different people. To clarify my own mind, I imagined I was trying to describe the ‘culture’ (how we are, our way of life) of my own country to a foreigner.

Both top down and bottom-up!

Ritika Chawla
Monday morning 8 a.m: As I walk towards WCS, a charter school in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, USA, I see the friendly face of the school leader standing at the gate and shaking hands with every student as they enter and wishing them good morning.