Making money in the classroom

Mala Kumar

What is that? You can make money in the classroom? Find here how you can teach your primary students about money even as they are earning it in their classroom.

Getting smart about finance

C Sudha Rani

Financial literacy is an important piece of knowledge that is not taught in many schools in India. It is important that children even in their younger years learn what it means to spend, save, earn, etc., so that they are much better prepared to handle money tomorrow. Here are some ways you can introduce financial literacy even if it isn’t a part of the curriculum in your school.

Paper plane factory

Rahul De

Play this paper plane factory game with your class to help your students understand the concepts of production.

The two sides of a coin

Sundaram S

If ever there was a natural companion for economics it is mathematics. Since math is taught to students from a young age, why not use it as a gateway to learning economics?

Economic concepts served hot with pizza

Khushboo Khandelwal

Economics can sometimes get a bit heavy for the students. Make things a little light and fun for your students by getting them to organize a fund raiser even while learning the economic concepts lying therein. This teacher explains how her students learnt several concepts in economics by organizing a pizza sale in school.

Seeing like an economist

Usha Raman

No subject stands in isolation. Every subject is linked with other subjects, only we have to spot the connections. Here are examples of connections between economics and language, economics and math, and even economics and science.

From esoteric to enlightening

Soumyanetra Munshi

If economics is to be learnt with any enthusiasm then it has to be made interesting for the students. Use stories, literary classics, movies, and short videos to teach economics.

Money matters!


Inflation is more than just a rise in the prices of your everyday commodities. Here is a simple method to teach inflation, its causes and consequences.

Economics made easy

Betty Kuruvilla

A few more ideas to make economics fun and interesting for your students.