What’s the right kind of growth?

Poonam Kalra

The Indian economy is growing at a fast pace, but are we growing in the right way? What are the challenges to the Indian economy in the future?

Inputs and outputs: health, education and development

Samik Chowdhury

How do health and education contribute to a country’s economic development? It is important that a country makes good health care and education accessible to all its people if it expects them to contribute to the growth of the country.

Considering natural resources

C Niranjan Rao

A global environment crisis is already upon us. But how did we reach this stage? Let us take a look at the history of development in the world.

In the balance: tackling the tradeoffs

Abhijit Banerji

Unlike it was once believed, a consumer is not always rational in the purchases that he/she makes. But if the markets have to thrive then they have to understand the way an average consumer’s mind works.

The numbers behind it all

Terence C Mills

Statistics is an important aspect of learning economics for by using statistics one can easily interpret and analyze economic data.

(Un)learning economics

Alex M Thomas

Economics textbooks teach students only the now popular and mainstream economics otherwise called ‘neo classical economics’. But studying this will be a uni-dimensional way of understanding the subject especially when several noted economists have charted out different ways of understanding the subject. So to understand what economics is we have to unlearn what we learnt as economics and explore the subject in several different ways.