The underbelly of industrialization

Sukanya Das

Industrialization is inevitable if a country aspires to grow and develop. While industrialization promotes growth it also engenders environmental harm. What measures should a government therefore be taking to avoid serious damage to the environment while ensuring that industries continue to support a country’s economy?

What’s the right kind of growth?

Poonam Kalra

The Indian economy is growing at a fast pace, but are we growing in the right way? What are the challenges to the Indian economy in the future?

Inputs and outputs: health, education and development

Samik Chowdhury

How do health and education contribute to a country’s economic development? It is important that a country makes good health care and education accessible to all its people if it expects them to contribute to the growth of the country.

Considering natural resources

C Niranjan Rao

A global environment crisis is already upon us. But how did we reach this stage? Let us take a look at the history of development in the world.

In the balance: tackling the tradeoffs

Abhijit Banerji

Unlike it was once believed, a consumer is not always rational in the purchases that he/she makes. But if the markets have to thrive then they have to understand the way an average consumer’s mind works.

The numbers behind it all

Terence C Mills

Statistics is an important aspect of learning economics for by using statistics one can easily interpret and analyze economic data.