What economics can do for you

Saira Farooqui

Economics is a good subject to learn because as a student of this subject you stand to gain many things.

Where are the women in India’s growth?

E Revathi

The work that women perform whether as nurturers, in the family business, or agricultural land is invaluable. It is this contribution from women that subsidizes the government’s expenditure in maintaining its labour force. So why then is the work that women perform dubbed “non-productive”? Why is it not taken into consideration when measuring the nation’s GDP?

India and the world


It is exciting times living in India today. Part of the global village, India trades products, cultures, and ideas with the rest of the world for things that she can’t produce locally. Did our parents ever think that sitting in India they could buy an iphone that has been designed in the US?

The real meaning of money

Ankita Rajasekharan

Money is part of our every day life. But what exactly is this piece of paper that allows us to buy anything from a small key to a big house? How does money work? Watch the documentary, ‘Money as debt’ with your students and help them figure out what money means.

Making sense of the budget

Sukanya Bose

Every year in the last week of February all of us get talking about the government budget. How dose the government prepare this budget? How does it mark out how much to spend where? How does it anticipate what it will earn in the coming year? Know answers to these and several other budget related questions in this article.

The true measure of poverty

Dario Berrebi

India uses one of the most controversial and perhaps a very convenient method to measure its poverty. We should design a more inclusive method of measuring poverty and change the way we look at who is poor if we are to make any dent in the huge numbers of poor people in India.

Ways out of the poverty trap

D Rajasekhar

India is home to the world’s largest number of poor people. But who are these poor people? How can we as a country lift them out of poverty?

Understanding Inflation

Limakumba Walling

Economics textbooks in India have a very linear way of dealing with the topic of inflation. It is high time however that we moved away from this linear method and included a wider understanding of what inflation is and what the different causes of inflation are. For only then will we be able to battle it.

Building human capital


A healthy human capital is perhaps a country’s most valuable asset. So let us not look at our large population as a burden but as a resource which if strengthened with education and health can contribute to the growth of the country.

Growth, development and the Indian economy

VN Balasubramanyam

India’s growth is often compared with that of China’s by virtue of the fact that they are both large countries with large populations. But how right is it to compare the two? Beyond the already mentioned criteria how similar are the two countries? And how does India actually fare against China?