Treading a tad lighter

Nagini Prasad

Is sustainable economics a contradiction? Is this something that only authorities at the top should worry about? Can you as an individual reduce costs and yet live a good life? A teacher narrates how both teachers and students in her school have taken measures to lead more sustainable lives.

Framing an old debate: Capitalism vs Socialism


Socialism was brought into existence to counter the idea of capitalism that had engulfed the world. While socialism is no longer the force that it once was it is still important to understand these two very different yet in some ways similar ideas.

The gendering of a discipline

Padmini Swaminathan

Economics is understood from several different perspectives, but feminist economics is yet to become popular. Understanding economics from the feminist’s point of view will only add to the knowledge of the subject for then you look into and ask questions about the so far ignored role of women and their contribution to the economy of a country.

Experiments with giftivism

Dhanesh Sharma

We are told of the barter system in our classrooms, but can we imagine a world without money today? Is there room for removing money from the equation to lead perhaps more meaningful lives? The author in this article discusses how he experimented with the concept of the gift economy.

The law and economics merger

Satish Jain

What is law and economics all about? Well, there is a lot that connects the two subjects. Using simple examples the author tells you the relationship between these two subjects and why it is important to know one to understand the other better.

Learning about a world in crisis

Pierre Smith Khanna

There is one gaping hole in the economics curriculum of today. Not one thinks it important to learn about financial crises even though they are very much a part of our lives today. The author makes a case for including economic crises in the curriculum.

Ecology, environment, economics

Lawrence Surendra

What is ecological economics? How different or not is it from what we call environmental economics? How necessary is it today for students to understand what ecological economics is?

The human – nature symbiosis

A Damodaran

To understand what ecological economics is and why it is necessary teachers have to first make efforts help students unlearn the ideas promoted by environmental economics.

Celebrating the people that make us

Ardra Balachandran The greatest learning during her early years of education was that it is not what degrees we achieve or the things we possess but how we live, love, and behave with others that determines the quality of our Read More …

Exploring economics at 100

This May-June, Teacher Plus explores the subject that pervades every aspect of our lives–economics. While we haven’t been able to do justice to the subject by any means in our 120 pages, the Teacher Plus economics issue hopes that it will bring its readers a good assortment of articles that add value and knowledge to their idea of economics. Apart from this, the May-June issue is of special significance as we reach the 100 monthly issues.