Options outside the classroom

Even a couple of years ago when you thought about a teacher, you always associated him/her with the classroom. But with the education space changing constantly, teachers these days are finding that their skills and experience can be put to use for related opportunities outside the classroom. And while these opportunities are exciting and liberating, teachers should continue to value and take from their classroom experiences.

The classroom in the community

Suma Vivekanandan

If one thinks about it geometry is all around us. Roads, building, objects all have certain shapes and follow the principles of geometry. So why sit in the classroom and study geometry from the textbook? Step outside the classroom like this teacher did and notcec how different and exciting your lessons will become.

All about money

Deepa Kiran

Money, an important concept and idea that children have to be made aware of sooner rather than later. Unless they know what it is to spend, save, invest, and earn handling money won’t come easy. Stories are a fun way of discussing money.

The science in music

Souparnika. N. K and Niranjana. N. K

If you thought that scientists are people who are immersed only in their research and have very little time for anything else, you are wrong. All these famous scientists have found deep pleasure in music as well.

Think green, act green

Shalini Sabikhi

The importance of teaching children green practices is by now common knowledge. But a few sermons on conserving the environment and planting a few trees every now and then is not enough. We have to get children into the practice of constantly thinking in terms of conserving and preserving the environment. Here are a few suggestions that you too can use to constantly engage children with the idea of waste management, recycling, and conserving the environment.

What makes Enid Blyton still work?

Bubla Basu

Even though it is several decades since she wrote her last book, Enid Blyton still has a lot to offer the child of the 21st century. Whether it is values that she subtly imparts or emotions that she evokes, Enid Blyton has still not lost her charm.

Learning to teach, the Finnish way

Ardra Balachandran

Finland, a country that ranks at the top in every educational survey. Surely the Finnish must be doing something right to take the top spots every time. This is why Chrysalis, an education research and innovation organization, decided to organize for teachers from across India, annual trips to Finland to observe and learn from a more successful educational system.

Utopia in a school

Arun Elassery

A school without uniforms, a seamless class structure, project based learning. Does this sound like a dream school? Mirambika, in the Aurobindo ashram in Delhi, has popularized the idea of alternative education.

Football frenzy!

Manaswini Sridhar

The excitement of the Euro and Copa America is still lingering so put on your favourite jersey and find here language exercises based on the world’s most popular game.

School blues

E T Arasu

There are some problems common to most schools. Three such problems and their possible solutions have been discussed here.