Celebrating Pi day

Jayaram Seela
A small government school in Andhra Pradesh takes its teaching seriously. The students, with the help of their math teachers, recently celebrated Pi day. A quiz, a drawing competition and an exhibition formed part of the event.


Manaswini Sridhar

After Bingo, it is now tic-tac-toe. This game encourages strategic and logical thinking and pushes students to learn and demonstrate what they have learned.

What my sociology classroom looks like

Anukriti Gulati
Introducing sociology as a new subject to school children can be quite a daunting task. Since they are not familiar with the subject and view it as part of humanities, the children think it is easy to learn. The author, a first- time teacher outlines how she took her class.

What is my notion of childhood?

Sharmila Govande

Teachers play a significant role in the development of children. But does their understanding of childhood impact the development? Are the perceptions, attitudes and demands of teachers in tune with the rights of the child like the right to play, right to expression, right to education etc? It is time teachers and parents reflected on these points before they form their own notion of what childhood is.

Learning to See

Lakshmi Karunakaran
Season 2 of TLM features artists who talk about the major influences of teachers/ mentors in their lives. This interview features Sahitya Academi award winner Ravi Kumar Kashi.

The adventures of Bujji

Deepa Kiran

This is a very enjoyable story that helps children to engage with scientific language in a fun way. The concept of the water cycle comes through effectively in the story and the children also find it easy to understand the concept.

A vibrant, visible philosophy of learning

Arun Elassery
The Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan in Phaltan, Maharashtra, is a school where the philosophy that it propagates is visible . Here children from disparate backgrounds mingle easily and happily. Read up this interesting profile of the school.

Talking about adoption

Sahana Mitra
Since adoption is a sensitive topic, schools must take the initiative to acknowledge adoption in the classrooms so that every adoptive family can share their journey without fear of being judged. Ultimately it is the child who matters so an empathetic context is essential to understand the story of the child.

Navigating the non-curricular stream

Devika Nadig
Most schools have a purpose and goal in their educational process that can be broadly divided into economic and social. This is towards attaining what is called ‘holistic development’ of the child. But how can the schools realign their goals to include certain individual aspirations of some students ? This is something that needs attention and is now neglected. Here are some smart strategies that schools can employ given the complexity of achieiving the two important goals — one that is school driven and the other that is individualised

Being human, becoming whole

Pritam L. Benjamin As a firm supporter of educating not just the mind, but the body, heart and spirit as well, I write this in the belief that teachers, principals, founders and “owners” of schools will consider their responsibility in Read More …