Yes, we can win!

Kirti Munjal

Teacher and Principal, Kirti Munjal talks about how the book, You can Win by Shiv Khera helped channelize the unbridled energies of her adolescent students and set them on the right path.

Those cool thinking hats

Sheela Ramakrishnan

Sheela Ramakrishnan, teacher trainer who also develops teaching-learning materials talks about how Edward De Bono’s Teach Your Child How to Think changed the way she taught helping her see her profession in an entirely new light and allowing her to open doors that she never knew were there.

The questions we need to ask

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Yasmin Jayathirtha, teacher at Centre for Learning, Bengaluru writes about how some of her experiences–discussions with colleagues, reading books, listening to talks–taught her to question the teacher in her and her skills so that she never becomes complacent at her job.

Muddling our way to method

Priyanka Padhy

Up the Down Staircase is a bestseller written by Bel Kaufman based on her own experiences as a teacher. Priyanka Padhy, professor at the Department of Elementry Education, Lady Shriram college, shares the insights that she took away from this book.

Doing to discover

Pradita Nambiar

Pradita Nambiar, a teacher, whose teaching methods have always been fun and innovative tells us how a teacher’s handbook, Joy of Learning, became her inspiration to instill in her students a sense of inquiry.

What school could be

Sonika Lakhera

Schools are supposed to free children of their ignorance and teach them the skills necessary in life. However most schools only manage to imprison the body and mind of the child. If any of us has ever questioned the education system in our country, Sonika Lakhera, who works with primary children, says we have to lay our hands on the book, Free At Last.

The commandments of teaching

M Shiva Kumari

If you have ever asked yourself how you should behave or conduct yourself as a teacher then Pius Alphonso’s The Art of Teaching is a book that you should lay your hands on.

The U turn: Dibs in search of self

Neerja Singh

Every book, every film, or every idea that a teacher comes across is a learning instrument for her. As part of its Teacher’s Day offering, Teacher Plus brings you a bouquet of resources that teachers have learnt from and recommend to fellow teachers. Neeraja Singh, former teacher and now a writer, talks about the impact that the book Dibs in search of self can have on teachers. Reading this book will help one understand what an enabling relationship between teachers and their students can help achieve. The book is a child therapy classic that sends out a strong message–never give up on any child.