In the footsteps of ‘Madam’ Principal

Divya Choudary
It was just another day at school. I entered the building and was greeted by classical music and the voices of students gathered in the courtyard for the morning assembly. The school seemed to buzz with energy. When the bell rang, the students rushed to their classrooms. I waited for the teachers to leave before introducing myself to Rama Devi ma’am, the school’s principal. I was to be her shadow for the day and get an unfiltered view of her daily tasks.

Being principled

Damayanti Mukherjee
“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student” – this faith has been my lodestar in my 20 year journey from being a teacher to now occupying positions at the higher levels of school management. It is easy to lose sight of this fundamental axiom as one gets caught up in the mechanics of effective administration.

Owning the unsolved problem

G Gautama
In any role one is first and last a human being. The daily challenges show us our ethics, certainties, and fallibilities, a humbling and strengthening process. It has been my good fortune to work in a place that offered freedom to think, question, and re-conceptualize school processes. School was and is a wonderful learning opportunity.

Rediscovering Gandhi

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