Is cricket ball swing affected by the weather?

Rabindra Mehta
Does a cricket ball swing more on a humid or damp day as compared to a relatively dry day? Why do fast bowlers constantly shine the ball? If you are wondering why we are talking cricket here, then it is because physics is part of cricket and by connecting physics to this much loved game, students are bound to be all attentive and teachers can rest assured that learning is happening.

It’s time to tinker and learn

Amit Deshwal

I had read somewhere that our ability to learn is as natural as our ability to breathe. We all love learning provided we are free to choose what we wish to learn, provided we are allowed to spend time on learning things that engage our curiosity.

Video games in a teacher’s toolbox

S Satish Kumar

We, as teachers are aware and have experienced that learning becomes simple and fruitful as we move from a lecture method to audio-visual stimuli to hands-on activity. In physics too, teachers explain the concepts and try to make the classes more interesting through demonstrations, activities and lab experiments.

Life is magical

Aditi Mathur & Ratnesh Mathur
Physics and magic – is there a connection? Yes, of course. It is well known that magicians use physics to bewilder people and children. They use harmonics to create sounds, optics to throw illusions, mechanics to make things disappear and reappear. Maybe we can refer to them as physicists and not as magicians. Here is a wonderful article that takes the teacher into the world of magic and physics. Read on to find out more.

Showcasing their learnings

Subhashis Das

Science fairs are an annual event in many Indian cities, held under the aegis of the National Council of Science Museums. But it all started in Kolkata at the first science museum of the country – the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum.