The political and the physical

Kasturi Krishnakumar

Often when studying geography, political and physical geography are split into two separate sections. But when the two are so interlinked isn’t it better to erase the boundary between the two?

Locating ourselves in space

Kiran Gandhi

If there is one subject that can never be ‘boring’ it is geography. This is not just because of the content it has but also because of the sheer variety in the material available to teach the subject. Here are some ideas.

Why value education makes sense

Brendan MacCarthaigh

Children these days are losing steam quite early in life. Desire and pleasure seem to top their to do list. They are witness to and sometimes even victims of horrific crimes. Why then are schools doing away with value education?

Line of control

Bubla Basu

It is true that a school principal has to be in control of things in her school but her line of control cannot extend to things outside the sphere of the school. But this line of control seems to have blurred for principals of several schools as they interfere with the lives of their students even outside school.

Holistic learning

Rajeshwari Mohan

Having moved from the field of banking into teaching CAT aspirants, this teacher realized how much of herself she enjoys giving her students and at the same time how much she learns from them.


Neeva Desai

Can there really be onness in this world? This writer tells us why she thinks the world can never be one.

Random Acts of Kindness

Aditi Padiyar

In imbibing professional and academic skills, we, as a community, have forgotten to imbibe the most important value one must possess to be a good human being – the virtue of kindness.

Living Kindness

Nyla Coelho

In our cover story this month, we ask our readers an important question. Should human values like kindness and compassion be confined to the weekly once moral science classes alone? And in some cases not even that. Kindness will not be imbibed by children only by listening to stories or moral lessons. Adults around them have to practice kindness ever day. We have to lead by example to show them the beauty of this wonderful value.

Why teaching kindness in schools is essential

Lisa Currie

Being kind makes us better human beings. But then that is just one of the several benefits of including kindness in the school curriculum. Did you know that “kind” children will be more alert and sharp with their academics? Learn more amazing facts and find the answer to the question, “Why teaching kindness in schools is essential?”

Growing our mirror neurons

Mini Krishnan and Usha Jesudasan

Human beings are born with the ability to feel or “mirror” another’s pain. It is this quality in us that makes us different from other animals. So while there is no doubt that we can be kind, in today’s increasingly selfish world the question is whether we want to be kind. Let us consciously build exercises and create an environment to make practicing kindness a habit.