InspirED chronicles

Milan Kaur

A national conference on finding solutions for the problems in education–InspirED was held in New Delhi in December. A report.

Hold that thought!

Meena Sriram

There is a lot of stress on thinking in learning these days. What is thinking? How do you get children to think? Can teachers changes the way their students think? Some thoughts for you to ruminate upon.

The logic of libraries

Vidushi Chaudhry

Libraries in India are few and far between. And those that are there only allow you to borrow a couple of books and offer you nothing more. This author’s experiece of libraries in America tells us what libraries can and should actually be.

Walk in a village – a story

Nimesh Ved

The author shares here his exhilarating experience of presenting a talk to a group of school children. Perhaps we could borrow a leaf from this experience on how we too can make our presentations in class fun for our students.

Yes, Principal!

Bubla Basu

A fun yet informative poem on what happens when you have top heavy administrations in schools.

Don’t get caught in the web!

Sinny Mole

It is not just the teaching and learning methods that have undergone a fundamental change over time, the way a school functions and presents itself has also changed significantly. Just like in all other sectors of life, personal computers, e-mail and Internet have become an integral part of our school culture.

Learning to engage in and with social media

Ronnie Charrier

Our students today are all digital natives. Surely more than half your class are active users of social networking sites. But does that mean that they know how to use these sites responsibly? Do they know of the advantages these sites can give them? And also of the dangers they could pose? As schools and teachers it certainly is our responsibility to teach our students safe browsing habits, so that they can obtain the maximum benefit from the Internet without being harmed.

Why technology matters in education

Shalini Advani

It is no longer possible for us to keep the Internet out of school. Children born into this digital age are already familiar users of the Internet and social networking sites. So why not use these effectively to impart learning? See how the Internet, social media and other online tools can actually aid you in your journey as a teacher. It is time that we broke free of our long held prejudices against technology.

The connected classroom

Divya Choudary

It has been some time now since the introduction of ICT in education. But with the rapid progress that technology is making, have our schools and teachers adapted? How effectively do schools use the Internet in the classroom, for the teachers, and with the parents? With increasing online crimes do schools make it their responsibility to teach their students cyber safety?