The “unfinished business” of Basic Education

Jane Sahi
Gandhi’s ideas on Basic Education that remained “unfinished business” due to the political turmoil of those times is the need of the here and now , if educationists have to realize a system where all have an equal chance to learn, work and play.

The best gift

B Ramdas and Rama Sastry
There is a renewed interest and new followers to Gandhi’s idea of basic education today. Gandhi himself said that this was his best and last gift to the nation. It may have seemed revolutionary during his time, but he was only providing a framework that could be adapted according to the situation and the times. The school space needs to be used to break down barriers that are threatening our social fabric, and his ideas are a good way to begin with.

Bold and holistic: Mahatma’s education

Pawan Kumar Gupta
Buniyadi Shiksha was Gandhi’s attempt to give prime importance to local crafts and weave in the learning of different subjects. While learning a craft many things get integrated naturally, subjects as well as values. According to the author Gandhi cannot be understood in a fragmented manner. To understand his thoughts on education, one would have to understand his beliefs on religion, politics, economics and swaraj also.