Out-of-the-textbook thinking

Chandra Shekhar Balachandran
Geography through a television programme, and not your regular NGC documentaries either. See how you can use the popular British comedy series, ‘Yes, Prime minister’ to teach several concepts in geography. Find a study sheet attached as well.

Agriculture comes alive

Prachi Ranadive
There are many topics in geography that are better taught outside the classroom than inside. Read on to see how children from a school in Mumbai learnt about agriculture by becoming farmers for a day.

Unbounded learning

Shruthi Jagadeesh
The interdisciplinary nature of geography is not brought forth in any school or class. It is only when you look at the vast array of subjects that geography is a part of your understand the importance of geography. Find in this article a few suggestions to help you children see the connections that geography has with other subjects.

It’s part of the plot

Susheela Raghavan
In many classrooms, stories are becoming part of the teaching-learning process. Here is how you can use stories to teach geographic concepts.

Make an impression…with stamps!

Divya Choudary
Ever had the idea of using stamps to teach geography? Stamps are the best way to learn about new countries, achievements, history, flora and fauna. Start collecting stamps today and see how fun your geography class can turn out to be.

Currency from news

Geetha Aravind
Newspaper in education is a concept that is gaining ground in many schools. Using current events to teach geography helps connect the subject to the lives of the children. This teacher shares with the readers three examples of how current news events can be used to teach geography.