Powerful lessons from the Earth’s core

Tammy Bravo
Earthquakes destroy lives and livlihoods. But earthquakes are also a powerful medium of learning. Find out in this article how sitting in your classroom you can actually monitor an earthquake happening on the otherside of the world and in the porcess learn a lot from it.

The underground drought

Frank van Steenbergen and Abraham Abhishek
Water is the elixir of life. By now we all know that the world is surviving on 1% freshwater and that will not last us long at the rate we are going. So do we have any backup? Yes and no. Yes we do have backup in terms of underground water but extensive use and misuse of this water is creating a scarcity here too.

The nitty-gritty of climate change

Kathleen A Miller
Climate change is a subject that is becoming criticallly important. But apart for regualr platitudes what are we doing to bring home the gravity of this subject to the children? Here are a few suggestions and statistics to help you.

What causes the seasons?

Neeraja Raghavan and Tapasya Saha
A common misconception–the earth’s rotation is the reason for the changes in the seasons. Participate in this dialogue between a senior social studies teacher, Preeti and a junior teacher, Sima to find out the real reason behind the seasons.

From complexity to clarity

R K Ganjoo
The Himalayan glaciers have been in the news ever since the Inter governmental panel for climate change in 2007 predicted their early death. Despite IPCC releasing a report retracking their earlier prediction, the controversy refuses to die down. Read this article to find out what exactly is happeing in the Himalayan regions. Is the news good or bad?

Managing natural disasters

R B Singh and Ajay Kumar
If you make a list of the natural disasters that have struck our planet in recent times you will be alarmed by the number. It is becoming increasingly necessary that we learn to manage natural disasters better. And one way of doing that is making use of our knowledge in science and technology.