More miles to go

In her review , the author, Gurveen Kaur, has been full of praise for the magazine, the quality and quantity of articles as well as the design. A particular mention has been made about the special issues that could serve as an in -service training handbook for teachers.

What I learnt from Judy Baker

As the first editor of Teacher Plus, the author tells readers what she learnt from Judy Baker, a teacher trainer. From language teaching to grammar games to using stories in a language class, all the ideas stirred curiosity and kindled interest.

Pushing the envelope

Getting better with age, is what one of our contributors, also a parent , says of Teacher Plus. The author has been a consistent friend of Teacher Plus , always learning from the articles presented in the magazine and also offering her own suggestions.

A longish affair

A’ go to’ friend for every teacher who cares is what the author writes about Teacher Plus. A long- time contributor and an educationist in her own right, this brief article by her is worth a read since it tells readers what the journey has been like.