Improvisational drama as an instructional strategy

Poonam Bhide

If you want a lively class, engaging in discussions and learning as they are working try using improvisational drama as a teaching strategy. A teacher shares her experience of using improvisational drama to teach her kids a lot more than the lesson they were doing.

Closer to nature: outdoor learning

Adithi Muralidhar

What environmental education are we imparting to our children when they don’t even know the wildlife in their own localities? Step outside your classroom if you want to bring environmental consciousness into the minds of children.

Digital learning: the future of education

Divya Choudary

That there is a lot of potential for technology in education is a fact. With schools too busy completing their syllabus, a lot of private players have entered into the market offering students the experience of digital learning. Teacher Plus in conversation with Sameer Bora, Head R&D, Next Education.

Making schools socio-emotionally safe

Jamuna Inamdar

Unwittingly many of us bare our prejudices though our manner and speech even if on the outside we appear neutral. While we may be unaware of our actions, to a person on the other side they are stark and clear. A young NGO worker working in the field of education shares her experience.

What a fair!

Shalini B

Teacher Plus which never goes out to market itself recently had an amusing experience at a Kids Fair/School expo that it participated in.

Branding education

Divya Choudary

Once upon a time education was considered a service but today it is a business like any other; started to make a profit. With more and more schools opening up, marketing them to parents and kids is becoming necessary. With many schools concentrating on the razzle-dazzle, is the quality of education taking a beating?

The business of education

Kedar Nadella A smart board costs about Rs. 25,000 to 55,000. A projector costs around Rs. 25 – 30,000. A desktop with minimum system requirements to support the software that contains audio visual material costs about Rs. 15 to 20,000. Read More …

Education at the cost of ethics?

Seetha Anand Vaidyam In our land there existed gurukulams to which parents sent their children to be prepared for life. At the end of their education a gurudakshina was offered to the guru or the teacher. The gurudakshina that was Read More …