The job, and the mission

For those who are serious and passionate about teaching, teaching is more than just a job. It is a mission–a mission that involves unwraping and bringing to light every child’s true potential.

My experiments with matras

Promila Naniwadekar

If you are a hindi teacher, try this novel idea to familiarize your primary class students with the vowels.

Discovering geography is fun!

Sharmila Govande

There is no child that does not want to learn. The trick is to get children interested. Once their interest is piqued the learning will come naturally. Find out how this teacher taught her students about oceans and continents.

Making learning no fun for children

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Is learning supposed to be fun? Of course not. Learning requries hardwork, determination and perserverance. So why disguise this fact by associating learning with fun and enjoyment?

Flip the math class

Monica Kochar

Normally a teacher gives lectures in class and then asks children to do some work at home to reinforce the learning. How will it be if a teacher decided to flip this process?

Street vendors and supermarkets

Geetha Durairajan

Have we lost faith in humanity? Or are we becoming slaves to an haute culture? Why else do you think we always bargain with a roadside vendor but don’t mind paying twice the amount for the same product in a supermarket?

Coconut – the king of palms

Sujata C

The coconut is called the ‘fruit of life’ for a good reason. The coconut can also be the fruit of knowledge. Here is a project idea based on the coconut.

It’s magic time!

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Over the last one year through this column a lot of experiments were shared and through them a lot of chemistry was hopefully assimilated. So why not get the kids to use that knowledge to entertain their class or school with a show of magic?

Creating imaginative play spaces

Chintan Girish Modi

Imagine you wake up one morning and find a swing hanging in a derelict open ground. Sourav Biswas and his Red Swing Projet hang swings in spaces you never thought could turn into happy play zones thus bringing cheer to adults and kids alike.

Questions of science and sense

Richard Fernandes

Learning science is a series of four books by Indumathi Rao and CNR Rao meant for children and people who have had no background in science. Written by a highly qualified teacher of science and a Bharat Ratna awardee do these books measure up to the expectations? Here’s a review that cautions us against picking up books by the name of the authors instead of by the content.