Go slow, life ahead

strong>Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
This article explores the concept of going slow, stopping every now and then to enjoy life and happiness. It is not about going slow per se, but about looking at education, learning and growth differently. Go slow is an alternative to the rat race, it is a together journey of life.

She chose to take a leap of faith

Ritika Chawla
A heart-warming story of one woman’s effort to practice what she learnt— to bring about change in the lives of people around her.

A dream comes true

Anish Nair One Saturday afternoon, two years ago, my colleague Prachur Goel and I discussed the idea of a larger impact on the people around us. We were teachers in a low-income private school in Kamraj Nagar, a slum community Read More …

The world outside

Nikunj Beria The ‘Be The Change Project’ (BTCP) is an additional project that every Teach for India Fellow takes on in the second year of the Fellowship. In this project, the Fellows focus on the problems that affect their school Read More …

Learning by doing

Sinny Mole I started my career in a school that had conventional classrooms where we had to teach using chalk and blackboard. The blackboards turned green over time. Soon, I witnessed the smart board era – a wonderful transformation. But Read More …

A rewarding experience

Ambika Parchure Looking back at my 27 years as an educator… much has gone into shaping the person I am today… a life-long learner. My longest tenure of service in education was in two institutions: Rishi Valley School (14 yrs), Read More …

Discovering new horizons

Shabnam Bhaya It is all about passion! Passion for your work involves you in a series of natural, self-generated efforts and exertion that gradually leads you to a sense of fulfilment. Very often the joy of this fulfilment becomes a Read More …

A space for teacher-leaders

Gopal Midha Last week a District Education Officer I met at a workshop asked me, “So, what do you do?” “I teach education leadership and management,” I replied. “Education what…?” “Education leadership and management. It is basically about how we Read More …

Multiple roles, many responsibilities

Simran Luthra and Mounik Shankar Lahiri
Are schools assuming a more corporate-like structure with teachers taking on newer roles and responsibilities? Why is this so and is this a way to create more opportunities for teachers to complement classroom pedagogy? Is this an ‘additional’ responsibility or is there huge value in being inspired from these corporate-like practices?